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Shazia Sheikh

Words are not a way of just expressing what you want instead what you do not wanna...Dats what I try to do...expressing the unexpressed too!!! :-)
Their intimacy
Photo Published over 3 years ago
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Shazia Sheikh
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Drabble Published over 3 years ago

Time for sehri..please wake up, came the voice from nearby Masjid.

''Can't get up...will keep fast from tommorow'' satisfying his heart he continued his sleep today also.

Quran says that all the evil spirits are trapped by Allah during the holy month of Ramdaan. Human are solely responsible for their deeds!!!

Still we think it's shaitaan which manipulates our mind..

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Shazia Sheikh
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I Need Her!!!
Short Published over 3 years ago

"Do I really need her"?
Looking at them the same question bothered him again.

They were completely engrossed into each other, nothing could distract their undivided attention. Her wafer-thin hands were moving along with her lips. She had saccharine sweet lips they were blossom soft; even while looking to those lips he can feel the softness..its been quiet long since he felt them melting inside him like strawberies. She was effiable.

"Ahhhh" the pain released from his heart rushed into nerves. Her memories always comes with a return gift of new pains!!

As he was about to turn away her laugh forced him to shift back his attention to them or particulaly on her. A sculptor could not have fashioned her any better. Years have came & gone still she posses the power to mesmerised him. But it was her hands which fascinate him...those smooth shaped elegant hands ending with a long manicured nails..he remembers the first touch of those warm flesh in his hands. He looked back to those hands only to find it now in other guys hands.

Again the same old pain!!

She use to be the reason of all his smiles but today it was replaced with pains & tears...

He can run away...
He can stop her..
He can let her know of his pretentious ignorance..
He can escape from all pains..
But He choses not to be..

As he was busy fighting with himself he heard his name from her lips, it was sounding strange, devoid of any emotions. Quickly I put up a smile on my face & started moving my wheelchair to welcome my beloved wife and her current boyfreind.

Yeah I really need her. Bearing the pain of sharing her seems easier than losing her completely.

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Shazia Sheikh
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Short Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago

Dear Ammijaan,

I still remember that 3 year old girl in a pink pinafore crying all through the day for you...

I still remember the school girl longing to get a glimpse of your eyes...

I still remember the sick girl seeking her wellness in your warm hugs...

I still remember the confuse girl getting confidence from the movement of your eyes...

I still remember the small hand searching your comforting hands...

Its been almost a decade since i told u that I Love You..reasons still unknown to me...might be generation gaps or conflicting views or egos....

But I am still the same girl in those pink pinafore longing for your warmness melting inside me!!!!

Love you Ammijaan.....

Your stupid daughter,

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Shazia Sheikh
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Dear Mom: A Mother's Day Kindle Challenge
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Nano Published over 3 years ago

"Do you feel for me", he asked her with loads of feeling....

Post ten years he became numb for her!!!

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Shazia Sheikh
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