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Akanksha Saxena

Published over 2 years ago

And when I look back to the day, all these years ago; I found a stranger's friend request who was assuming me to be someone else. I found that stranger to becoming a more important part into my day to day life. That stranger have now taken place of love in my life; unfortunately one sided. I found at times that he too was liking my company as well. That stranger has a altogether different lifestyle and thoughts... however we managed to take beautiful glimpse at time of understandings.
When I look back to that day; ill fevered altogether i could thought to call at midnight was only him;but still we were not so friendly to call at such time.
When i look back to the days; he was totally alone i was always there to support as in return he always favoured me the same.
I found that stranger was now becoming my strength and loving to whome was now becoming my weekness.

When i look back to days we shared dreams and thoughts and thousands of words, i found him to be a person with the purest of heart. I found that in this world even good people exists.

When i look back to days myself praying for my family; he also became part of family too. The dreams we shared; the aimbitions we had; the words we read; all comes in front of me.

When i look back to the days when we got our jobs; we promised to treat eachothers like never before. With days by days and months by months n years to years he became my motivations and inspirations to hold on.

When i look back to the days when we jave those long calls, understNding conversations and blushing video calls o found a guy who was more than perfect to me with all goodness and purity in his heart.
When i look back to day i got my first salary i remind myself to present him for his contribution in it.
When i look back to days i met him in real; i was stuck with thunders and all i could manage was to only blush.
Those handmade gifts on which sleepless nights were spend; those utilites for which selections were important;those beautifull meetings were venues did not played a single role....
I look back to those days and cries to sleep; memories comes in a flash even if in night my eyes opens and scream myself to die.

When i look back to the day You said i do not matter to you at all; and you can leave me but not the other person; i doubt my existence of all these years. All i could try is to pray for my end. Bcz without you its already non existing.

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Akanksha Saxena
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Short Published over 2 years ago

I don't know what is hurting me more; You disrespecting my words and leaving me; Or Me who is not at all capable to make you stay even after all these years.
Whatever the reasons be....
I'm leaving; no more tortures;no more interuptions; If you really wanted me to be a part, you would have done that times ago.
But you didn't. And itz ok. With forcing; you can't keep anyone happy.
What hurt more was not a single word was spoken bcz it was useless for you. But it was my everything; & you snatched with just simple line. IT DOESNT MATTER.
Whenever you need someone to talk even at 3am. Remind yourself i will be always by yourside. I dont know whether that day will ever come or not but no matter whenever you ask i will be there as always 24*7.
I WISH you don't need me ever if this would be the reason, or i WISH you need me so that i could help you; May you be happy with whomsoever peoples you want to make a part of your life.
I am happy that you somewhere played a beautifull part in my life; that can never be replaced no matter however you have been with me in these days.
When You need a friend, Who was probably once your support system, m there for your. However this support system lost all itz strength without you. Still i vl support you everywhere. As always. Without any expectations; without any mean intentions.

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Akanksha Saxena
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Poem Published over 2 years ago

The heat will be there;
the burdens will be too;
Don't feel lonely;
lookdown by your side.
I will be always there to make you shine in sun.


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Akanksha Saxena
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Drabble Published over 2 years ago

Dear......Its now time to make yourself Understand this......
That life needs to move on....;
No matter how much you have sobbed it will never be counted.
U need to make yourself understand that neither did your presence nor did your absence affects anyone.
That you were another passer by to them, or a bag of garbage...; which when started to stink, was thrown away.

So no matter how worst you are; you still have to be alive....
And you need to make yourself understand this.
That itz all gone.

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Akanksha Saxena
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Happy and Smile
Poem Published over 2 years ago

All i did was to make you SMILE.
My presence in your life.
My gifts to you.
My support to you.
My suggestions.
And now......
My tears.
My heartbreaks.
My friendzonness.


All i did to make you smile and happy...... 😢😢😢😢

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Akanksha Saxena
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