Dear Mom: A Mother's Day Kindle Challenge


This Mother’s day, write her a letter to make her feel special !

Planning a surprise for your mom? Add a touch of magic to an already special day by writing her a good old fashioned letter. Your words, our platform.

In a world of one-thumb-texting, this is our small attempt at reviving the lost art of letter writing.


Panel of judges

We are thrilled to announce our Panelists


  • Top 50 entries will get featured on and our social channels and receive a free copy of Yorkshire Biryani (Kindle Version) straight from the author Vikram Vr.
  • Top 10 entries will have their letter printed, sealed and sent to their mother thanks to*
  • 3 Second runner-ups will get an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs.500
  • 2 First runner-ups will get an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs.1000
  • The winner gets a Kindle!

*You can send the letter later or for any other purpose


  1. Submission Period up to midnight 15th May 2016

  2. Announcement of Top 50 entries: Week of 23rd May 2016

  3. Announcement of winners: 30th May 2016


Steps to submit your entry:

  1. Read the guidelines below.
  2. Do step #1. Seriously, we can't stress on that enough. Please make sure you've read the guidelines before messaging us with questions.
  3. Create your account on

  4. Click on the #dearmom button to go to the contest page

  5. Click on the "Submit to channel" button to submit your entry
  6. Keep an eye on the word counter to ensure that your letter doesn't exceed the 300 words limit.


Submissions Guidelines:

  1. Language: English or Hindi

  2. This is a letter writing challenge. Please stick to letters only. The style of writing and creative approach is upto you!

  3. Word Limit of 300 words. Entries exceeding the limit will get disqualified.

  4. You can post multiple entries.

  5. Content needs to be original. No adaptations, attributions, translations, copy+pastes! Plagiarism of any kind will invite immediate disqualification
  6. Like and share the Drabbl Facebook page along with the hashtag #dearmom. All updates regarding the challenge will be announced on our Facebook page so stay tuned!

  7. There will be a special prize for most popular story based on up-votes. However the winners will be decided on the basis of the content and at the judging panel's discretion.


Contact Us:

For any queries you can send us a message at our Facebook Page

Terms and conditions


  • It is the participant’s responsibility to submit original work. takes no responsibility for plagiarism. Plagiarised entries, if found, will be disqualified.

  • We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending users with content that does any of the following:

    • hatred; violence; harassment; racism; sexual, religious, or political intolerance, or organizations with such views

    • content that's likely to disgust readers

    • content that's exploitative or appears to unfairly capitalize at the expense of others

  • The top 50 entires will be featured in a calendar. You retain ownership of your content as well as the license you've selected. However, by participating you authorise us to use your submission.

The mother icon was drawn by Stephen JB Thomas

There is a lot to tell you Maa!
Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago

I've never been expressive enough to explain you how much I love you but believe me I do, even if I don't say it. I never say that I care for you. All I do is shout at you when you skip your medicines and get furious when you try moving the furniture on your own. I can see you frail and weak and I don't want you to travel alone. When you're not well, it actually scares hell out of me. I know we don't get to spend quality time together and we fight occasionally just like every mom and kid do but believe me, whenever I leave for work after a fight, I feel stressed for almost half of the day thinking about I should have not been rude with you. I find it difficult to appreciate you directly and that is why I tell you about my friends being such big fan of your cooking. :) Things are difficult to deal few times, you being overly religious asking me to follow all the customs, rules and regulations, me being fed up with work most of the times asking you to give me more space, calling the religion your tantrums. I know you care for me as well and will not stop doing the same despite me being the most difficult kid to deal with. On weekends, when I'm in no mood to leave the bed early and our early morning talk session starts, it makes me really happy that we both forget time talking and laughing together. Mumma, I usually say I don't want to get married and leave you alone but actually, I'm more scared that nobody will ever love me as unconditionally as you do and I'll be alone without you... Don't ever go away.

13102681 1209627355744483 7055333971489105090 n thumb
Gazal Jain
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Nano Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago

The care you take...;
The prayer you make...;
The love you scatter...;
Your scolding makes me better...;
When no one is concerned...;
You are my only one. ... :)

Wishes thumb
Akanksha Saxena
1 3 0
Short Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago

Dear Ammijaan,

I still remember that 3 year old girl in a pink pinafore crying all through the day for you...

I still remember the school girl longing to get a glimpse of your eyes...

I still remember the sick girl seeking her wellness in your warm hugs...

I still remember the confuse girl getting confidence from the movement of your eyes...

I still remember the small hand searching your comforting hands...

Its been almost a decade since i told u that I Love You..reasons still unknown to me...might be generation gaps or conflicting views or egos....

But I am still the same girl in those pink pinafore longing for your warmness melting inside me!!!!

Love you Ammijaan.....

Your stupid daughter,

2016 09 04 17 46 52 295 thumb
Shazia Sheikh
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Unsaid words to my beautiful Mumma
Short Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago
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Dear my Beautiful Mumma,
I want to say i love you not because today it’s the Mother’s Day but I love you forever. You are the one who is behind me every time for whatever I am today.
Mumma, you know i always wanted to tell you that I love you. I know you aren’t happy with some of my activities. You want to have my good future with some good career. You want to see me at top position. You want that i should be settled with some good boy and start my new era of life. I know it. Please give me some more time to do all that things. I promise you i will fulfil whatever your wishes are but it will take some time.
The first time when my article was published, you were so happy. You called to each and every friends and family members to inform them about my article. I still remember your joy of that day.
You know mumma, when I was a child, opps.. i m still child of yours, but I mean when I was a kid you used to do all shopping for me. I used to wear the cloths you bought for me. Now you used to wear cloths and buy other things which i suggest you. You asks me for suggestion and you applied it too, whether it’s financial decisions or any other matters. I feel like matured person. I really like it mumma.
Mumma, as such we have lots of memories but I don’t want to describe it all. Because I know you also remembered it.
One last line for you : “If my life had to be fit in a single ‪‎selfiee‬, It would be incomplete without my ‪‎Mummy‬.”

Quill thumb
Shaily Thaker Trivedi
0 1 0
Nano Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago

घर का कोना याद आया,
याद आई शाम की आरती,
भूखे पेट जब सोया हूँ,
माँ सपनों में पुकारती।

12509458 1234886953195391 4772843708921495298 n thumb
Ankush Srivastava
2 9 0
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