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Results will be announced on Monday 22nd February 2016.

Please read the rules carefully!

There is a maximum limit of 100 words for your submissions. We're receiving a lot of really amazing entries that are, unfortunately, exceeding the maximum word limit. Only those that fall within the rules and guidelines of the challenge will be considered for the prizes.

Participate in's Valentines day special challenge!

Hey Drabblers! Here’s your chance to win a Kindle this Valentine’s day! The rules are pretty simple:

  • Well, it is Valentine’s day! The topic has to be #love!
  • Maximum 100 words! Make sure you select either "Drabble" or "Nano" under story type.
  • Your story or poem has to be original. No adaptations, attributions, translations, copy+pastes!
  • Language: English
  • Oh and if you’re feeling very creative, you may post more than one entry!


Submission period: 01 February to 14 February

Entry fee: Free!

One winner: A brand new Kindle eBook reader (6”, Glarefree touchscreen, Wifi)

Two runners up: A voucher worth Rs.1000 on

Submission criteria

  1. Your delivery address should be within India
  2. Like and share the Drabbl Facebook page along with the hashtag #winakindle. All updates regarding the challenge will be announced on our Facebook page so stay tuned!

*Feel free to send us a message through our Facebook page for any questions.

Terms and conditions
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to submit original work. takes no responsibility for plagiarism. Plagiarised entries, if found, will be disqualified.
  • We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending users with content that does any of the following:
    • hatred; violence; harassment; racism; sexual, religious, or political intolerance, or organizations with such views
    • content that's likely to disgust readers
    • content that's exploitative or appears to unfairly capitalize at the expense of others
  • The top 12 stories will be featured in a calendar. You retain ownership of your content as well as the license you've selected. However, by participating you authorise us to use your submission.
Nano Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago
Gold badge thumb
Feb, 2016

"In some minds and hearts
youth arrives a little late
long after childhood has passed
there is an age for every man
when the soul yearns to be young again
and some of us, just like that,
stepping on our miserable, overgrown selves
manage to turn time back."

- Koni.

12541155 10153320355492944 4001538367787877658 n thumb
Koni Walden
3 11 0
Nano Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago
Silver badge thumb
First runner-up
Feb, 2016

Past midnight,
Little lights shine all over the sky
Reminding me of the sparkle in your eyes
A moon,
the shape of your smile.

A soothing breeze blows
Bracing my skin

As you did long ago.
Soon it turns cold
Just like us.

Pulling my jacket tighter
Around me
I shield myself
from this cold.

10418432 1047381388645817 6810816114008931717 n thumb
Lakshmi Visakha
0 7 0
Will be, perhaps
Nano Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago
Silver badge thumb
First runner-up
Feb, 2016

Living in a state of constant wistful despair, perhaps, will be my destiny, said the traveller.

Longing to be touched by you, will perhaps, be mine, whispered back the horizon.

201273 10150152131169261 3015117 o thumb
Preeti Bhonsle
0 4 0
Nano Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago
Bronze badge thumb
Second runner-up
Feb, 2016

for all that i have lost,
i have found in you.
for all that i have found,
i have lost in you.

12509380 10153702652205751 4867707221467039596 n thumb
Vaishnavi Prasad
4 14 0
Nano Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago
Bronze badge thumb
Second runner-up
Feb, 2016

Soul of a drop
Got lost somewhere
When everyone saw it
as nothing but the ocean

1933822 1663882003860390 7874293897596176665 n thumb
Shashank Kush
0 4 0
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