Dear Mom: A Mother's Day Kindle Challenge


This Mother’s day, write her a letter to make her feel special !

Planning a surprise for your mom? Add a touch of magic to an already special day by writing her a good old fashioned letter. Your words, our platform.

In a world of one-thumb-texting, this is our small attempt at reviving the lost art of letter writing.


Panel of judges

We are thrilled to announce our Panelists


  • Top 50 entries will get featured on and our social channels and receive a free copy of Yorkshire Biryani (Kindle Version) straight from the author Vikram Vr.
  • Top 10 entries will have their letter printed, sealed and sent to their mother thanks to*
  • 3 Second runner-ups will get an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs.500
  • 2 First runner-ups will get an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs.1000
  • The winner gets a Kindle!

*You can send the letter later or for any other purpose


  1. Submission Period up to midnight 15th May 2016

  2. Announcement of Top 50 entries: Week of 23rd May 2016

  3. Announcement of winners: 30th May 2016


Steps to submit your entry:

  1. Read the guidelines below.
  2. Do step #1. Seriously, we can't stress on that enough. Please make sure you've read the guidelines before messaging us with questions.
  3. Create your account on

  4. Click on the #dearmom button to go to the contest page

  5. Click on the "Submit to channel" button to submit your entry
  6. Keep an eye on the word counter to ensure that your letter doesn't exceed the 300 words limit.


Submissions Guidelines:

  1. Language: English or Hindi

  2. This is a letter writing challenge. Please stick to letters only. The style of writing and creative approach is upto you!

  3. Word Limit of 300 words. Entries exceeding the limit will get disqualified.

  4. You can post multiple entries.

  5. Content needs to be original. No adaptations, attributions, translations, copy+pastes! Plagiarism of any kind will invite immediate disqualification
  6. Like and share the Drabbl Facebook page along with the hashtag #dearmom. All updates regarding the challenge will be announced on our Facebook page so stay tuned!

  7. There will be a special prize for most popular story based on up-votes. However the winners will be decided on the basis of the content and at the judging panel's discretion.


Contact Us:

For any queries you can send us a message at our Facebook Page

Terms and conditions


  • It is the participant’s responsibility to submit original work. takes no responsibility for plagiarism. Plagiarised entries, if found, will be disqualified.

  • We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending users with content that does any of the following:

    • hatred; violence; harassment; racism; sexual, religious, or political intolerance, or organizations with such views

    • content that's likely to disgust readers

    • content that's exploitative or appears to unfairly capitalize at the expense of others

  • The top 50 entires will be featured in a calendar. You retain ownership of your content as well as the license you've selected. However, by participating you authorise us to use your submission.

The mother icon was drawn by Stephen JB Thomas

Short Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago


Our relationship has always been difficult. I dream of me clinging to your uterus and you pushing me out of your womb into the miracle of life. Instead I remember how the tears flowed down your face as I flowed out of you towards death, six months too early, mixed in the blood that instead of nourishing me left your body to cleanse you of the poison that I had become to you. While your body was wise enough to let go of me, perhaps your heart still hasn't in the years that have passed. I know this because I never did leave you either Mom.

The world has never known you as a mother, which you became the day I found home in you, or the waves of unconditional love you felt when you and Dad first heard my heartbeat, or how I selfishly rendered you infertile and empty out of spite, never wanting you to shower your love on another. I watched helplessly as you blamed yourself and your wonderful body, and pulled into the blanket of your emptiness, shielding yourself from love you did not think you deserved, pushing away Dad, as you plunged into the depths of depression. Your pregnant friends and the celebration of Mothers day have become hollow reminders of what you cannot become, Mom, I think maybe its time to put our difficult relationship aside and move on.

I know no one could ever share the intimate bond we shared without severed umbilical cords. The world may never know me but they can know you as mother, because you already are one. Mom, I have seen you leaf through adoption sites with guilty eyes, and it is time you welcome a child who needs you more.

Bye Mom.

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Nitica Sakharwade
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Drabble Published on @dearmom about 3 years ago

It was an hectic schedule with a scorching sun. He had taken off for a lunch and as he sank into his armchair, he commanded her for drink with extra ice.. She toyed around his hair as he gulped.. He kissed her palms and muttered you got magic in your hands maa,thanks for the lemonade.!

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Mayank Sooda
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Short Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago

I could never possibly express my gratitude for what you gave to my heart
those values and manners gushing in my veins could never be replaced by any trend of art
you taught me how to stand independent on my foot
cause u believed that the plant will grow if u nurture the root
your the reason for my existence
without you could barely write a word of a sentence
your smile is the one which lights up the darkest night
that kick starts my faith and strengthens me up for any fight
you carried me in your arms for miles
i'd just wish to go back in time for a while
so i could just get back what you've lost
no matter even if its expensive in cost
would take a billion of years to be another you
a women with the power to change the world's view !!!
oblivious to the world was I that time
together we've walked the path which were rime
you've showed me the difference between good and bad
so i could never do a thing to make people sad
esteem you are and would always be the same
i'v seen the love of yours behind those tame
a mother in relation you are
more like a soulmate to me in the sky with star.

love you maa!!!

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Priya Kailash Mishra
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Dear Mom
Short Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago

Dear Mom,
You are not as beautiful as you once used to be. You have gained weight and have wrinkled lines on your forehead. Your smile is not as beautiful as it used to be. The golden cap on your tooth shines as you smile. Your hair are not as thick and as gorgeous as they used to be. They do not fall free on your back. You tie them into a bun when you cook and braid them otherwise. You say it is too hard to keep your hair free. Your hands are not as soft as they used to be. The years have made a crisscross of lines on your palm. They meet each other like Ganga and Kaveri and talk to each other about how this woman just doesn’t stop. In all the photos in your wedding album you smile. Your eyes are the same light brown. You may have aged, but your dimples haven’t. You say that your children and family are all that you got. You sleep with Premchand’s Gaban at your bedside. Looking for stories that otherwise could not have been told. The treasures that you refuse to share. Now when I am not with you, you call me every day. Sometimes I do not pick up my phone. But when I do, I listen to your cracked voice. Could there be anything that is more beautiful.
Your crazy son

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Satya Priya Khanna
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Short Published on @dearmom over 3 years ago


I have been writing to you since I was growing in you - kicking, punching and hiccuping in your womb... Thenceforth, neither my letters failed to deliver, nor there was a miss to your replies. Maa, it's so hard to believe, that our mailing system doesn't work anymore .I wonder, is there nothing in this universe that’s free of ‘system error’?

Your failed nerves have long muted you. Your arms are motionless. Tremors unsettle you every second moment.But still, I send you letters ,Maa. And I know, you reply to them.The whole day you lie on your bed. The ‘Animal planet' or the 'Nat Geo Wild' try their best to wow you. I know you are still the same wildlife lover you were. You feel the same excitement but it shows no more on your face. When I see the lion cubs snuggling up to their mother, it mirrors the child me doing the same to you. I know, the same thing flashes upon your mind.

I know,things will be growing worse with each passing day.I know,one day this face-off with destiny would end.Your disease will win,and we will lose.Then some day we would meet again.

They say,one gets 'Moksha ' as one breaks free the cycles of birth and death.I silently pray,let that 'Moksha' never come to us which frees us of one another.They say-' it's worldly bonding'.I believe, it's the boss of all divinity. I would never stop writing to you Maa. I'm sure my letters would reach you and the 'you' in me would reply back.Don't worry Maa, umbilical cord can do what the optical fiber can't.

Yours ever,

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Might O Kondrea
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