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Results will be announced on Monday 22nd February 2016.

Please read the rules carefully!

There is a maximum limit of 100 words for your submissions. We're receiving a lot of really amazing entries that are, unfortunately, exceeding the maximum word limit. Only those that fall within the rules and guidelines of the challenge will be considered for the prizes.

Participate in's Valentines day special challenge!

Hey Drabblers! Here’s your chance to win a Kindle this Valentine’s day! The rules are pretty simple:

  • Well, it is Valentine’s day! The topic has to be #love!
  • Maximum 100 words! Make sure you select either "Drabble" or "Nano" under story type.
  • Your story or poem has to be original. No adaptations, attributions, translations, copy+pastes!
  • Language: English
  • Oh and if you’re feeling very creative, you may post more than one entry!


Submission period: 01 February to 14 February

Entry fee: Free!

One winner: A brand new Kindle eBook reader (6”, Glarefree touchscreen, Wifi)

Two runners up: A voucher worth Rs.1000 on

Submission criteria

  1. Your delivery address should be within India
  2. Like and share the Drabbl Facebook page along with the hashtag #winakindle. All updates regarding the challenge will be announced on our Facebook page so stay tuned!

*Feel free to send us a message through our Facebook page for any questions.

Terms and conditions
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to submit original work. takes no responsibility for plagiarism. Plagiarised entries, if found, will be disqualified.
  • We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending users with content that does any of the following:
    • hatred; violence; harassment; racism; sexual, religious, or political intolerance, or organizations with such views
    • content that's likely to disgust readers
    • content that's exploitative or appears to unfairly capitalize at the expense of others
  • The top 12 stories will be featured in a calendar. You retain ownership of your content as well as the license you've selected. However, by participating you authorise us to use your submission.
Nano Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago
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Feb, 2016

"She's perfect", he thought.

Failing to realize that perfection could not be loved.

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Anupama Ahir
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The Moon and The scars!
Drabble Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago
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Feb, 2016

The moon – the incorrigibly romantic moon, gives them the wings
To let their love take a flight beyond the skies to a new horizon
Naïve are the lovers who succumb to the vagaries of the one
Who stands alone yet bright in the sky studded with stars
Hit by the loneliness itself, it has found entertainment on the stroll
Seeing the hearts finding solace under the sky lit by its presence
Brimming with hopes, weaving dreams and left with never-to-heal scars
What it never tells them is that these bright nights will be followed by the insane dark

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Karanvir Gupta
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She was yet another chapter
Nano Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago

she was unraveling like a book day after day
but then I'm a writer, reading was never my forte
in insanity, whether I was 'besmirching' her book pale
or I was forging ahead weaving for her a fairy tale

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Karanvir Gupta
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Happy birthday
Nano Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago

Her dream was to travel the world with him. So each time the clock struck 12 midnight at the countries she dreamt to visit he sent her a special birthday wish last year.
"Perfect"... She had smiled .
This birthday she is visiting one of them. Alone

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Sreeparna Sen
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This Sad Thing Called Love
Drabble Published on @win-a-kindle over 3 years ago

It's this sad thing called Love,
That brought you in my life.
It's this sad thing called Love,
That only you can make me smile.
It's this sad thing called Love,
That I stand against the world.
It's this sad thing called Love,
Talked about, yet unheard
It's this sad thing called Love,
That brings my life to an end.
It's this sad thing called Love,
That none can bring to bend.

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Vibha Lohani
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