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Harsh Nene

If I'm not doing something I love I'm easily distracte...
Road rage
Short Published over 1 year ago

Apte-ji had barely shut his eyes for a second when he was violently awoken. The traffic around him hadn't moved in the last twenty minutes and a burly rider was thumping on his windshield. Motorcyles crawled around his car like ants on a sugarcube. 

"You're on the wrong side of the road", he tried to reason as the man motioned him to lower his window. Before he could utter another word, he felt the rider's grip tightening around his neck. The goon got off his still-sputtering bike, fist clenched, least expecting the frail old gentleman to dodge a punch.

One look inside the car and he knew he was in trouble. A pair of fiendish eyes peered at him through glasses, along with the barrel of a sawn-off shotgun. There was a soft click as the old man cocked the hammer and a deafening retribution as he pulled the trigger.

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Harsh Nene
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Meena's Music Folder
Published about 3 years ago
Meena s music folder desktop

Meena was always known for her mesmerizing looks. She was always the prettiest girl in the room – be it a classroom, a restaurant or the boardroom. Her long flowing black hair, a pleasant smile and sparkling eyes always grabbed attention of all. Meena was highly meticulous girl. She was sincere and gave her 100% no matter what the task at hand was. As a result she did well in studies, sports and arts. She had the Midas touch. She had the uncanny knack of achieving all that she put her heart to. She was successful and content. She was happy doing the hard work and rarely looked for shortcuts. Her happy nature and her eyes of humility soothed those around her. One would always feel that world is a wonderful place when they were around Meena.

While Meena was a popular girl, she did not have many friends – just few selected ones. She at times wondered what the reason could be. She had concluded that people kept a distance from her as they found her no nonsense and positive attitude overwhelming. From her end she was always friendly and empathized well but she could not resonate with gossip and an endless need to complain about what’s wrong with the world. She was too busy thinking how to make the world a better place. This made Meena prone to loneliness as there were very few who could understand her thoughts and her fierce determination for success. In such times, Meena would listen to her favorite songs. She had a deep connection with the songs in her folder – some would remind her of the boy who waited for her at the cycle stand in school, some would remind her of her exam days, some would remind her triumphs of the underdogs, some would remind her of people in her office cubicle, some would remind her of her dance performances and some would simply soothe her soul. Her music folder was her fuel to function peacefully in the chaotic world.

Years passed, Meena got married to a charming young man. Things changed post marriage for her. Once upon a time she was known for her time management skills and today she was struggling for time. Once upon a time she would keep her room spot-less and today she was battling dust. Meena had lost her Midas touch. Although she was busy the whole day, she did not feel content. Although she accomplished a lot, she was missing the feeling of success. The domestic duties and work rarely gave her the time to sit with a cup of tea and simply stare out of the window. She had now started complaining a lot – she was annoyed with her own tone but she could not help it. There was something missing in her life but she could not figure it out. Her husband was now losing patience as he rattled his brains to figure where the smiling Meena had disappeared.

Meena had started crying very often. She had stopped enjoying life and was not able to give a 100% to any task. She was living like a robot from morning to night – she was not feeling alive. Her husband was getting annoyed with her complaints and told Meena to simply take a break and go somewhere to figure out what was wrong with her – Although she had everything, she was not happy with anything! She could not believe that her husband did not understand her anymore. It took some time for Meena to digest that her husband was asking her to go alone – something that had never happened before! She switched on her laptop to look for a place to go to. She stumbled upon something – She had not accessed it for the last 3 years! She played her music folder. She started smiling. She started remembering the boy at the cycle stand, the exams which she passed successfully, and the triumphs of the underdog. She started feeling alive. She remembered how she functioned – she found her inspiration again!

Her husband saw the sparkling eyes - Meena found her music folder and the Midas touch!

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Rupa Shende
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Photo Published over 3 years ago
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If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.
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I pulled over for this!
Photo Published over 3 years ago
Image desktop

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

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Darshita Sathwick
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Burst of colours
Art Published over 3 years ago
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Sanjana Agarwal
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