Dearest mommy,
I don’t want to let you know how perfect you are, today. I have done that quite often. Today, I want to show you your flaws.
You are just poor, poor in taking care of your own self. You are quite incapable of realizing what you are worth. You have absolutely no clue about how amazing you are. And yes, you try so hard to call yourself beautiful but you are miserable there as well! You are extremely selfish, always having your children right at the top of your priority list, totally forgetting about your mom’s child! And no matter how much you practice, not once can you cook food that is average when it comes to taste. Seriously you are pretty bad at that. Do you even remember to do stuff only to make yourself happy sometimes? I don’t like this forgetful attitude of yours. Your greatest flaw is that you do not give yourself the respect you deserve. When it comes to standing up for your interests for a change, especially against the wishes of your family, you couldn’t be worse! I could just ramble on but I guess this is enough...
So mom, do you realize there’s so much you need to work on? You need to make some efforts and rectify this. You are far from perfect you see. Promise me you will try to be better?
Love you loads..
P.S.- It is those imperfections I mentioned above, that make you the most incredible person to have ever lived on earth! You just need to start loving yourself the way I love you. That’s all you need! I'm always there to help you be better!